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Benefits of IT Consulting

What Are the Benefits of Hiring IT Consulting Services?


The biggest benefits of hiring an IT consulting service revolve around the service’s ability to help you streamline your business operations. An IT consulting company can offer many key services and benefits, but this major advantage is the most important one.

“Many business leaders aren’t as tech inept as they think they are. Most just need someone who can help steer them in the right direction.” Karen Novotny, CEO, California Computer Options

Additionally, many IT consulting firms are really part of a larger information technology company. Therefore, working with an IT consultant you like can be your gateway to a larger partnership with additional benefits.

This article will drill down into those key benefits of consulting in IT that help you experience more streamlined daily processes. We’ll also compare and contrast hiring an IT consultant vs. hiring an additional in-house IT professional.



Top 7 Benefits of Hiring IT Consultants

1. Objective Outside Perspective

IT consultants offer an unbiased external viewpoint that can reveal unseen opportunities and challenges within your organization. This fresh perspective is invaluable for identifying areas of improvement and innovation.

Having these additional insights helps you make informed decisions, leading to more strategic and effective IT solutions that support your business goals.

2. Cost Savings

Hiring IT consultants can significantly reduce your operational costs. You only pay for the services when needed, eliminating the expenses associated with full-time employees, such as salaries, benefits, and training costs. This financial flexibility allows you to allocate your budget more effectively.

3. Faster Project Completion

IT consultants can significantly accelerate the timeline of your IT projects. They use their expertise to help you plan the right roadmap and keep it on track cost-effectively.  As a result, you’ll save time and see the benefits of your investments more quickly.


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4. Enhanced Security

Cybersecurity is a critical concern for businesses today.  Many workplace software tools have exploitable vulnerabilities that go unnoticed. Even when they are found, it takes approximately 250 days for most IT professionals to fix these flaws.

Experienced IT consultants can assess your current cybersecurity measures to help you ensure they won’t open your network to such vulnerabilities. They can also show you new ways to protect your network that will be able to adapt to emerging cyber threats, according to CloudSecureTech, in the long-term.

5. Custom Technology Solutions

Every business has unique needs, and IT consultants tailor technology solutions to meet those specific requirements. They can customize software, develop bespoke systems, and integrate new technologies seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. This customization ensures that your IT investments directly contribute to your unique business objectives.

6. Access to More Technology

IT consultants often have partnerships and connections with leading technology providers and platforms. By hiring consultants, you gain access to advanced technologies and tools that your business might not easily get otherwise. This exclusive access can help your business remain competitive.

7. More Time to Focus on Core Business Functions

By outsourcing IT consultants, you and your team will have more time to concentrate on what you do best. That’s because the right consultant will be able to pinpoint inefficiencies in your business processes and show you how technology can fix them.

All business owners want more productivity. However, this added time can also benefit your bottom line. For example, businesses that spend more time on customer service can increase their revenue by 4-8% compared to others in the same industry.


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What Are The Benefits of an IT Consultant vs. An In-House Expert?

Choosing an IT consultant over an in-house IT expert can be better for some businesses. IT consultants bring a lot of know-how from working with many companies. This means they can offer fresh ideas and solutions that fit your needs.

However, the two are not mutually exclusive. IT consultants can also work alongside in-house IT teams. This combination can be useful if you want a granular understanding of your internal processes and a fresh perspective.

Here are the key differences to consider when deciding whether to hire additional people or IT consultants.


IT Consultants Additional Hires
When they work   When you call them All the time
Cost   Based on what you need Regular pay and benefits
What they know Lots of things from different places A lot about your business
How easy it is to change services Easy as switching providers Harder to change if they don’t fit
Working with others Can work with your team Is part of your team
Who they’re good for Small businesses and/or special projects Big companies and/or for ongoing needs


Ready to Start Working With an IT Consultant?

Once you’ve made the decision that IT consulting is right for you, your next step is knowing where to look. Consider consultants that can demonstrate their tech knowledge and are open-minded enough to learn from your team too.

You can find those consultants at California Computer Options. We’re also a holistic IT company that will bring other stellar services to your business alongside our expert IT consultants. You can gain peace of mind knowing that your tech stack is in good hands.

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