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7 Benefits of Managed IT Services You Didn’t Even Know

MIT surveyed 900 CEOs around the world for how their company leveraged technology. The top 10% of companies (the ones that leveraged technology most effectively) had double the revenue growth of the bottom 25% (the technology laggards).

So while MIT says “every CEO [should be] a tech CEO” , that’s not always possible in the real world – and why managed IT services can be so beneficial .


“In a world where every minute of downtime can cost thousands , managed IT services are not just a convenience; they’re a necessity. For small and medium-sized businesses, they provide the stability, security, and innovation needed to compete in today’s market.” Karen Novotny , the CEO of California Computer Options


Find out the 7 advantages of managed IT services and how they can help your business unlock real efficiencies and real growth .

7 Benefits of Managed IT Services

1. Predictable, Cost-Effective: A Key Benefit of Managed IT Services

Let’s start with the obvious–the unpredictable nature of IT expenses is a major pain point for businesses. With managed IT services, you can neatly package your operational costs into a preset amount paid on an annual or monthly basis.

This shields your budget from extreme fluctuations and protects your bottom line. The cost savings allow you to make better use of your funds, too. Instead of paying for an IT hire to get bored (and leave) , you effectively only pay for the time and services you require.

2. Scalability: Don’t Let IT Inertia Dictate How Your Business Grows

Scaling your IT infrastructure can be a daunting task. However, managed services provide the flexibility and resources you needed to allocate resources efficiently.

You can grow your business without the burden of hiring and training new employees or investing in expensive equipment. Your IT partner can also help you get more favorable terms from solution vendors, such as shorter-term contracts or no punitive early termination clauses.

You can also migrate legacy technologies and archived data to cloud-based computing, ending the vicious cycle of technical debt .


“But We’re Managing IT Just Fine Internally…”

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3. Minimized Downtime: a Major Managed IT Benefit

Downtime can cripple a business. With an experienced IT provider, you can prevent issues before they hit, resolve them faster when they do, and protect your productivity.

Things like routine patching, fast incident response and overnight helpdesks are tremendously effective at minimizing downtime. (Not to mention essential given how teams tend to be distributed across time zones today).

4. Access to Experts: Without the Payroll or Retention Hassles

Access to a team of proven experts is invaluable. One oft-ignored importance of managed IT services is that you gain access to specialized services that fill gaps in your organization’s expertise.

Need a Microsoft-certified person to verify your Azure environment’s compliant? Check. Want to test your cybersecurity readiness? There’s a certified CompTIA person for that too. And you don’t need to foot the enormous full-time tech salary either .

Comparing Managed IT Services and an In-House IT Team

Feature Managed IT Services In-House IT Team
Cost Predictable Variable
Scalability Flexible Limited
Downtime Prevention Strong Moderate
Expertise Specialized General
Compliance Handling Comprehensive Time-consuming
Relationship Long-term Internal
Support 24/7 Business Hours


5. Data Compliance: Make Sure Your Workflows Are Up to Standard

Compliance with data security regulations can be complex and time-consuming. An experienced (and certified) partner can handle the intricacies of compliance, saving your in-house team thousands of hours.

It can develop compliance frameworks, data policies, automation, and implement safeguards to ensure your company stays compliant.

6. Reliable Vendor Relationships: A Lesser-Known Advantage of Managed IT

Managing vendor relationships with software and hardware partners can be time-consuming. Your IT partner, on the other hand, can become familiar with your company and act as a bridge between you and technology vendors.

Managed IT services enable you to negotiate better deals, identify and implement cutting-edge technologies faster, and get the better-than-retail pricing (yes, it’s out there, you just need to ask your vendor really nicely).



7. 24/7 Support: A Managed IT Services Benefit You Can’t Do Without

In a nutshell, ongoing monitoring and real-time alerts ensure that any problems are corrected before impacting your business. That can mean live support anytime, anywhere you need.

For instance, our remote support team can support your in-office and remote staff in minutes. Plus we provide rapid on-site support to any zip across the USA.

Want to Leverage These Managed Services Advantages at Your Business?

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