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Benefits of Getting Remote IT Support

What Are The Benefits of Getting Remote IT Support?


The main benefit of remote IT support over hiring an on-site team is that you receive faster and more flexible assistance with technology issues. Without location constraints, remote IT specialists can quickly resolve problems as they arise.


Great IT support isn’t confined to location. You can easily get the high-end services of a big IT department with the cost-efficiency of remote work.” –Karen Novotny, the CEO of California Computer Options


Potential location constraints of on-site support include travel time and the availability of on-site personnel. When IT support is remote, specialists can log into systems immediately from anywhere without needing to physically travel to your site. This immediacy allows for much faster response times.

Although that’s the biggest benefit, it’s not the only benefit. The rest of this article will explore 6 other benefits of remote IT support. We’ll also discuss some of its potential risks and what you can do to mitigate them.



6 Remote IT Support Benefits

1. Lower Costs

Allowing remote work saves businesses $11,000 per employee per year. While that refers to the cost savings of employees working from home, opting for remote IT support in the first place takes it even further. Since they were remote from the start, there’s no need for any time or resources spent on transitioning.

Plus, remote IT support teams generally have their own equipment. So, you won’t have to spend money sending them the workstations they need.


2. 24/7 Support Availability

Choosing remote IT support means potentially choosing support specialists who work during a wide range of business hours. This variety gives you the flexibility to provide 24/7 support services. As a result, after-hours employees and employees in various time zones get the same level of support.


3. Wider Talent Pool

Remote IT support connects you to a wide network of global experts specializing in various IT fields. This access allows for immediate solutions from specialists who are well-versed in the latest technological advancements. That level of expertise is difficult to sustain with an in-house team.


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4. Easier Scalability

The flexibility of remote IT support makes adjusting service levels straightforward as your organization’s needs change. It enables you to scale support up or down without the complexities associated with hiring or releasing onsite staff.


5. Rapid Implementation of New Technologies

Remote software deployment and updates reduce the lead time typically required for on-site installations. This capability allows your business to stay ahead of the latest innovations, giving it a competitive edge in the market.


6. Privacy & Physical Security

Because support technicians remotely access your network to help you, they do not need to be on your premises physically. This arrangement minimizes the risk of physical security breaches and maintains a higher level of privacy.

Remote IT support services typically also monitor and control technician interactions digitally. This allows for detailed oversight to ensure all data handling procedures are followed correctly.


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Potential Risks of Remote IT Support Services & How to Avoid Them

1. Cybersecurity

During remote IT support sessions, there is a risk that data being transmitted could be intercepted or corrupted. Additionally, fully reliant on online communications makes you more vulnerable to phishing. As CloudSecureTech notes, 9.5% of all phishing emails lead to major breaches.

Employing data integrity checks and using secure transmission methods are vital to ensuring that data remains accurate and secure during transmission. You should also train your team to recognize the signs of phishing so they don’t mistake a phishing email for your remote support.


2. Lack of Personal Interaction

Remote IT support inherently limits face-to-face communication, which can lead to misunderstandings. To mitigate this risk, incorporating video calls for more complex or sensitive issues can be beneficial.


3. Overdependence on Technology

Connectivity or technical issues can severely disrupt support services if there are no adequate backup systems. Establishing robust backup systems and contingency plans is essential. Additionally, training local staff to handle minor technical issues independently can reduce downtime and improve resilience.


4. Compliance

Maintaining compliance with various regulatory standards is not always easy, especially when operating across different geographical regions. Request regular compliance audits or reports from your provider to ensure ongoing adherence.

Reap All The Benefits Remote IT Support Offers Without The Risks

Small businesses have the most to gain from remote IT support, but they also have the most to lose if things go wrong. For this reason, choosing an IT support provider who understands your business operations is incredibly important.

California Computer Options is built for small businesses. We offer managed IT services and remote IT support run by service technicians who are always trained on the latest cybersecurity standards. You’ll get all the benefits with less chance of the risks!

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