Why is Network Security Important to Small Businesses?

The Importance of Network Security

As businesses must increase their reliance on data driven technology, business owners are faced with the question, “Why is network security important?”  Well, in an era where a cyber attack occurs every 39 seconds, understanding the importance of reliable network security is not only a good idea for business owners, it’s absolutely critical. Digital experts […]

Exploring 10 Benefits of Technology in the Workplace

Benefits of Technology in the Workplace

Technology has transformed work environments in monumental ways. The benefits of technology in the workplace are helping businesses explore new opportunities every day. In the past decade alone, technology has allowed us to change the way we communicate, interact with our co-workers, and meet our customers’ needs and expectations. These changes really took off in […]

Your Guide to Navigating the MSP Landscape: How to Choose a Managed Services Provider

how to choose a managed services provider

Businesses are increasingly reliant on technology but managing IT infrastructure is not everyone’s cup of tea. Sadly, those who don’t make IT management a priority could incur huge financial losses from network downtimes or data breaches. It’s clear that outsourcing makes sense, but knowing how to choose a managed services provider can be daunting. First, […]

Recognizing Excellence: California Computer Options Named in Prestigious MSP 501 List

Being recognized on the Channel Futures MSP 501 list is a testament to the exceptional performance and innovation of a Managed Service Provider (MSP). This prestigious list identifies the most innovative and high-performing MSPs worldwide, setting the standard for excellence in the industry. Karen Novotny, CEO of California Computer Options, shares her excitement, “Being named […]

7 Managed IT Services Challenges – And How to Overcome Them

Managed IT Services Challenges

Outsourcing IT support is a true time and resource lifesaver for businesses. However, managed IT services challenges do exist and if not managed properly, these challenges can interfere with a business getting the most value out of working with MSPs. As IT systems continue to expand and complexify, there’s no question that dealing with these […]

What are Managed IT Services?

What are Managed IT Services

IT solutions are increasingly essential for today’s businesses. As a result, managing these solutions is growing in complexity and cost. This is when many business owners find themselves asking the question, “What are managed IT services?” Managed IT services offer business teams a lifeline, providing expert care for their technology ecosystem. This is likely why […]

Managed IT Services Pricing – Everything You Need to Know

Managed IT Services Pricing

Navigating the digital landscape can be complex, especially when it comes to Managed IT services pricing. These services, provided by third-party experts, help businesses enhance operations and control costs. But how are these services priced? This is a question many business owners grapple with. “Understanding how much a business should pay for reliable, effective IT […]

Remote Workforce Security: Protecting the Virtual Workspace

Remote workforce security

To help them retain top talent, more employers than ever are allowing employees to keep working from home post-COVID, thanks to technology that make it possible to work from almost anywhere. There are, however, risks to your company’s security in allowing access to corporate data remotely. What are those risks, and how is your organization […]

Identity Access Management: Ensuring Employee Authenticity

Identity Access Management

The days of all your employees accessing company resources from a hard-wired desktop connection in a single corporate office are long over, much to the consternation of your cybersecurity team. More often than not, your IT experts are tasked with managing employees who are working from home or on the road. They must ensure that […]

The Dark Web and Data Security


The trouble exists online; make no mistake about it. Data breaches, identity theft, illicit activity, and illegal dealings all take place in a layer of the internet you have probably never visited – the dark web. Unfortunately, this troublesome part of the web can have a huge impact on you and your business. How did […]