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Top 4 Fastest Critical Cloud Services

Setting up Remote Workplaces

Enabling disaster recovery

Adding extra security to the network

Providing round the clock access to data

Simplify your Network—and Your Budget.
Strengthen Security—and Continuity.
Speed Up Deployment—and Response time.

With California Computer Options, you can relieve your in-house IT resources of day-to-day operational tasks, freeing them to discover new revenue streams and accelerate business priorities. We recognize that Cloud Computing is not the answer for every company. That’s why our first step is often a review of the current and future infrastructure needs of the organization. We determine the right mix of
on-premise, hybrid, or Cloud solutions that will be flexible, extensible, secure, and cost-effective for your organization.

Manage your infrastructure today and prepare for the future.

Unlock Access to Decades of Technical Experience

Regardless of the level of IT proficiency in your organization, there are many times when partnering with outside help can be the key difference between a failed deployment and a successful migration. By
partnering with the experts at Computer Options, you’ll unlock the door to decades of experience and technical know-how in cloud storage. We have the tools and expertise to make your cloud projects successful.

IT Departments That Are Spread Too Thin?

Instead of pushing a migration on an already over-exhausted in-house team, outsource it to California Computer Options.
Our cloud consultants can plan and manage the holistic migration.

Don't Put Up With Downtime

Businesses that are working to stay afloat or get ahead of the curve understand how detrimental downtime can be. You need continual access to documents, email, and other tools and simply can’t afford to go dark. When you partner with the cloud consultants and cloud implementation professionals at Computer Options, we’ll create a detailed plan and help you navigate the best path forward.

Limited Internal IT Support?

While everyone may be familiar with cloud-based websites and applications, things are completely
different from an enterprise angle. And this expertise is one of the most valuable assets the cloud consultants we can offer.

Benefits with Remote IT Solutions - Cloud Consulting Services

At California Computer Options, we offer over a decade of real-world experience in cloud consulting and cloud implementation. We’ll be with you every step of the way offering advice, tips, and solutions to help you get the most out of your cloud tech. Most clients who have partnered with us enjoy distinct benefits including:

The flexibility of work practices With the cloud consulting and cloud implementation team, you reduce the reliance on your facilities and internal team while allowing you to focus your attention on growing your business. We are a team of IT professionals who have streamlined the process of cloud infrastructure and development for companies of all sizes throughout the Western United States.