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IT costs are rising as quickly as the need for technology. Manage your IT without breaking your budget by letting an Anaheim IT company do the work.


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Information technology can be a time sink. As a busy business owner, you need every minute you can get. Save time on tech by outsourcing to an IT company in Anaheim.

Why choose California Computer Options as your Anaheim IT company?

  • Reduce tedious tasks by offloading them to our IT professionals
  • Get quick answers to your tech problems in as little as 2-3 minutes
  • Scale your network without breaking your budget using our infrastructure design and managed cloud services
  • Simplify complex IT problems with support from Tier 2 & 3 technicians
  • Fortify your cybersecurity standards with seasoned professionals who follow NIST protocols

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Boost Your Business, Simplify IT: Anaheim's Leading IT Company

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What more could you ask for? Stop juggling vendors and start getting fast, friendly support across technology sectors.

Industries we serve


Enhance production efficiency with robust IT infrastructure and support that reduces operational disruptions.


Safeguard patient records with comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant cybersecurity and IT management.


Protect critical financial data with advanced cybersecurity and dedicated IT services.


Maintain client confidentiality and streamline case workflow with secure, efficient IT systems.

Professional Services

Increase productivity and client satisfaction with optimized IT solutions and continuous network assistance.

Supply Chain

Improve logistics coordination with a reliable IT infrastructure that ensures seamless supply chain operations.


Optimize inventory control and management with customized IT solutions and real-time support.


Drive innovation and market agility with advanced IT infrastructure and cloud services.


Uphold continuous operations with a robust IT infrastructure that can handle large data volumes, essential for electricity, water, and gas.


Empower your consultancy with agile IT solutions that enhance client interactions and business efficiency.


Boost customer experiences and operational efficiency with tailored IT and cloud solutions.


Streamline order taking and management with efficient IT systems that expedite service and reduce wait times.
IT Company in Anaheim

Pick Your Perfect IT Suite

Paying for unused services is a poor use of your IT budget. You could put that money towards exciting new upgrades, not services you don’t need. 

Save your budget for what you actually want by picking your perfect managed IT package. CCO offers 5 different service bundles, including:

  • Fully Managed IT
  • Proactive IT
  • Essential IT
  • Supplemental IT
  • A La Carte

Talk to us about your options. We’re open to creating the right bundle for your needs.

Implement New IT Strategies & Enhance the Ones You Already Use

The point of an IT strategy is to give your team clear direction. Without everyone on the same page, your objective gets lost and your strategy diminishes.

Don’t let that happen. Let CCO’s IT consultants take a look at your IT strategy. We can recommend new strategies or show you how to keep your current ones in check.

Whatever your business objective may be, there’s an IT strategy that can help you meet it. Let our consultants show you which one.

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Stay Network Secure From Day 1

Network security is a vital, yet often forgotten, aspect of cybersecurity. Your business network is an all too easy way for hackers to spread across your devices and potentially to your partners. 

CCO includes network security in our cybersecurity services. We’ll monitor your network and respond to suspicious activity whenever we see it. 

If you need an upgrade, we also provide infrastructure design services. Get a hyper-secure network system designed and monitored by the same trusted Anaheim IT company.

Anaheim IT Company FAQ

The cost of an IT partnership depends on the partner and your needs. CCO offers a predictable monthly flat rate, but that rate depends on a few factors. 

  • Company size
  • Complexity of your issue
  • What we need to do to help you

You’re welcome to request a quote for a more exact estimate.

Outsourcing IT services to providers outside your state or country is a common practice among businesses. 

However, we strongly advise considering a local provider before you make that decision.

Partnering with IT companies in Anaheim has numerous benefits, including: 

  • A deep understanding of California’s business environment 
  • Easy availability
  • Quicker responses in your time zone

Your internal IT department is a great resource.  We often partner with internal departments to ensure they have the most up-to-date information and any flex capacity they need.

View us as an additional resource, not a replacement. We provide fresh perspectives based on years of experience. 

Of course, we’re more than happy to become your IT department if you don’t have one. Hiring us will cost significantly less than hiring a new department.

CCO’s pricing structure is designed to provide a reliable and cost-effective service. 

Our predictable flat monthly rate reduces the chance of sudden unexpected expenses related to solving your IT problems. 

With our transparent billing system, you can easily incorporate IT expenses into your regular budget without any surprise additional costs.

Investing in an Anaheim IT services company should come with an excellent ROI. 

IT companies in Anaheim provide a team of experts who can proactively monitor and manage your IT systems, which prevents issues before they occur. 

This minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity. In turn, increasing your revenue potential. 

Additionally, if your partner offers fixed pricing at predictable costs, you’ll be able to budget more effectively by avoiding unexpected expenses.