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Keeping up with evolving technology is crucial, but many executives struggle to balance business and tech needs. CCO can help you do that.

Why choose California Computer Options as your Riverside IT Company?

  • Align your IT strategy so you can satisfy business requirements and stay competitive with tech
  • Get onboarding out of the way quickly so you can start making the most of our services within 30 days
  • Enhance your cybersecurity without any additional IT costs
  • Speak to a Tier 2 or 3 IT support technician in as little as 20 minutes every time you call
  • Bring in our on-site technicians whenever you need an extra set of hands

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Enhance production efficiency with robust IT infrastructure and support that reduces operational disruptions.


Safeguard patient records with comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant cybersecurity and IT management.


Protect critical financial data with advanced cybersecurity and dedicated IT services.


Maintain client confidentiality and streamline case workflow with secure, efficient IT systems.

Professional Services

Increase productivity and client satisfaction with optimized IT solutions and continuous network assistance.

Supply Chain

Improve logistics coordination with a reliable IT infrastructure that ensures seamless supply chain operations.


Optimize inventory control and management with customized IT solutions and real-time support.


Drive innovation and market agility with advanced IT infrastructure and cloud services.


Uphold continuous operations with a robust IT infrastructure that can handle large data volumes, essential for electricity, water, and gas.


Empower your consultancy with agile IT solutions that enhance client interactions and business efficiency.


Boost customer experiences and operational efficiency with tailored IT and cloud solutions.


Streamline order taking and management with efficient IT systems that expedite service and reduce wait times.
IT Company in Riverside

Never Settle For Less Than The Best

We aim to be your business partner. We’re not satisfied unless you are and we want to consistently exceed your expectations.

That’s why you’ll get a dedicated point-of-contact who schedules quarterly satisfaction reviews. We want to check in to see how you’re liking our services and change anything that isn’t helping. 

We don’t want you to settle for subpar service, if something isn’t right, tell us! We’d also be happy to discuss new options if you have new ideas for your IT.

Get All The Benefits of Multiple Vendors From Just One

Juggling multiple vendors is a pain. Add on acquisitions and it becomes difficult to guarantee consistent service. This hassle doesn’t change the fact that you need multiple technology services. 

Trust one Riverside IT partner for all your technology needs. CCO does much more than software. We also provide:

  • Telecoms services
  • Hardware optimization
  • Office equipment management
  • Managed print services
  • On-site support


When we say we’re more than an IT company, we mean it. We’re a holistic technology company that helps you do more with tech.

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Trust An IT Provider That Works For You

We’re not trying to change how you do things, we want to enable you to do more of what you care about.
Riverside IT Company

Keep Your IT Budget Under Control

Constant IT upgrades aren’t just time-consuming, they’re costly. It’s one of the top reasons why many business owners resist needed upgrades.  

CCO’s tech specialists can help you find the best solutions for your budget. We’ll get to know your business needs and tech needs inside and out so we can recommend solutions that meet them within your budget.

Don’t waste money on unnecessary tech. Get exactly what you need for the amount you’re willing to pay.

Our Other IT Services in Riverside, California


The cost of our IT services depends on your business and our agreement. CCO offers a flexible monthly flat-rate for our services, but that rate can vary based on:

  • Your company size
  • The complexity of your needs
  • What we need to do to help you

Please request a quote to get an exact amount.

At our IT company, people are focused on providing ongoing technology support. There are several different roles on our team to help us achieve this goal. 

We employ:

  • Systems engineers
  • Cybersecurity professionals
  • IT support technicians 
  • Account managers who keep in touch with you

Just like you, our company is always evolving and finding new ways to deliver higher quality, efficient IT services.

We often work with internal IT departments to provide extra resources, advice and expertise. Think of us as an extra asset rather than a substitute. 

However, if you don’t have an IT department, we can help. Our services cost considerably less than hiring a whole new team.

We’ve worked with healthcare providers, financial services, manufacturers, and more. We also have a clear process us to get up to speed quickly on any new business regardless of industry.

Every business has different needs, even in the same industry. Whether we’ve seen yours before or not, we’ll always take the time to get to know you.

Our goal is to offer you a dependable and affordable service. By implementing a consistent, flat monthly rate, we minimize the likelihood of any unforeseen expenses associated with IT issues. 

Plus, our clear and upfront billing process allows you to smoothly integrate IT expenses into your standard budget without any unexpected charges.