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Without the right hardware and software, your company can’t grow. Stay ahead of the game with managed IT services in Irvine.

Free Up Time & Boost Productivity with Managed IT Services from CCO

Technology is constantly evolving and upskilling takes time. Stay on top of emerging IT without time-consuming training by leaving it to the experts.

Why choose California Computer Options for Managed IT?

  • Leverage 2 decades of experience making rapid IT decisions in an ever-changing environment.
  • Speak to IT support in as little as 20 minutes with a 24/7/365 helpdesk at the ready.
  • Protect your customers and employees with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions at no additional cost.
  • Pay for the services you need, not the ones you don’t with our managed services packages.
  • Get on-site support the moment you need it with our fast and friendly feet-on-street teams.

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Irvine's Leading Businesses Choose CCO's Managed Services

Our Managed IT Solutions in Irvine


Leading Managed IT Solutions in Irvine: Benefits of Choosing CCO

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Leading Managed IT Solutions in Irvine: Benefits of Choosing CCO






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Industries we serve


Enhance production efficiency with robust IT infrastructure and support that reduces operational disruptions.


Safeguard patient records with comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant cybersecurity and IT management.


Protect critical financial data with advanced cybersecurity and dedicated IT services.


Maintain client confidentiality and streamline case workflow with secure, efficient IT systems.

Professional Services

Increase productivity and client satisfaction with optimized IT solutions and continuous network assistance.

Supply Chain

Improve logistics coordination with a reliable IT infrastructure that ensures seamless supply chain operations.


Optimize inventory control and management with customized IT solutions and real-time support.


Drive innovation and market agility with advanced IT infrastructure and cloud services.


Uphold continuous operations with a robust IT infrastructure that can handle large data volumes, essential for electricity, water, and gas.


Empower your consultancy with agile IT solutions that enhance client interactions and business efficiency.


Boost customer experiences and operational efficiency with tailored IT and cloud solutions.


Streamline order taking and management with efficient IT systems that expedite service and reduce wait times.
Managed IT Services Irvine

Stay On-Top of Information Technology

Small-and-medium-sized businesses have a lot to do – but no matter their industry, keeping up with technology is on their list. 

Talk to IT procurement specialists from California Computer Options to make sure you make the right decisions. Stay on-top of emerging IT trends without wasting time or money on tools you don’t need.

Let our team of seasoned IT professionals guide your IT selection process.

Get More Technology Services From Your Managed IT Provider

Partnering with a managed services provider in Irvine is a good decision. Yet, not every provider covers all your technology needs. 

This inevitably leads to vendor management headaches that waste the time your IT partner saves.

California Computer Options is more than managed IT. We also offer telecommunications, network cabling, and managed print services so you can get all the tech services you need under one roof.

Truly save time by letting us take over every aspect of your tech.

Managed Service Irvine
IT Services Irvine

Control Costs Without Compromising Quality

The cost of IT seems to be rising as quickly as its necessity. This leaves many small businesses worried about affording what they need to stay competitive.

Save yourself those sleepless nights by outsourcing to California Computer Options. We’ll help you get what you need to do without the cost of additional hires.

Our consultants can also help you match your IT goals to your budget so you can meet your objectives without overspending.

Drive Results With IT Managed Services in Irvine

IT solutions mean better business results. Outsource IT to our experts to get that first step done.

Managed IT Services in Irvine: FAQ

Different managed IT providers in Irvine will have different pricing structures. Still, managed services typically vary based on:

  • Your company’s size
  • Your IT needs
  • How many technology tools you use
  • What your partner needs to do to help you


Request a quote from California Computer Options to get a more exact estimate.

We’re proud to be an IT service company in Irvine. However, we reach further than that. Our company’s services cover Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino.

We’re also happy to work with clients from outside the state. Don’t be afraid to reach out no matter where you are.

California Computer Options provides a simple, predictable flat monthly rate.

That means you’ll never face unexpected fees, making it much easier to account for your IT costs in your overall budget. 

Our billing system is designed to help you keep your costs steady. Plus, some of our services come at no additional charge when you choose your package.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to outsource IT providers out of state or even overseas. While this is an option for you too, consider local options first.

That’s because managed IT providers in Irvine know the business world of California and are easier to reach when you need them.

You can leverage both IT expertise and local business acumen by choosing someone in your region.

Even with an in-house team, business owners can save up to 40% of their IT costs by working with a managed services provider.

That’s because you can let your in-house team work on new initiatives without having to worry about regular maintenance. There’s no need to expand your department when it’s time to launch a new project.

Plus, an IT partner reduces the risk of skill drain if someone from your department leaves your company.