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Trust one of Southern California’s top MSPs to prevent IT issues before they disrupt your regular operations.

Why choose California Computer Options as your managed IT services provider in Orange County?

  • Get tailored, actionable IT solutions in as little as 2-3 minutes on each support call
  • Start reaping the benefits of managed IT sooner with our streamlined 30-day onboarding process 
  • Spend less time waiting for answers with a support desk that will answer your call in as little as 20 minutes
  • Enjoy comprehensive data security across your network at no additional cost
  • Simplify complex cloud computing challenges with experts who can migrate and manage everything

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Managed IT Services in Orange County

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Features of Our Orange County IT Services

IT Management

Get more hours every workday by letting us handle your tedious daily IT management tasks.

Support Services

Don’t be left without help when you have an IT problem after 5 pm. Trust our 24/7 team to lend a hand.


Proactively prevent security breaches and let us help you rapidly recover if they ever do happen.

Cloud Services

Look towards CCO Business Cloud™ for a simple, secure solution with an expert team to manage it.

Network Monitoring

Trust our team to have eyes on your network 24/7/365 so that we can stop suspicious activity before it becomes a problem.

IT Consulting

Keep your information technology up to date without breaking the bank or your requirements with strategic IT consulting.

Disaster Recovery

Be prepared for any unexpected emergency with a solid disaster recovery plan tailored to your business needs.

Infrastructure Design

Leave disorganized hardware behind with infrastructure experts who will help you connect every cable.


Take care of your telecommunications as well as your IT network with a managed service provider who does both.

Industries we serve


Enhance production efficiency with robust IT infrastructure and support that reduces operational disruptions.


Safeguard patient records with comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant cybersecurity and IT management.


Protect critical financial data with advanced cybersecurity and dedicated IT services.


Maintain client confidentiality and streamline case workflow with secure, efficient IT systems.

Professional Services

Increase productivity and client satisfaction with optimized IT solutions and continuous network assistance.

Supply Chain

Improve logistics coordination with a reliable IT infrastructure that ensures seamless supply chain operations.


Optimize inventory control and management with customized IT solutions and real-time support.


Drive innovation and market agility with advanced IT infrastructure and cloud services.


Uphold continuous operations with a robust IT infrastructure that can handle large data volumes, essential for electricity, water, and gas.


Empower your consultancy with agile IT solutions that enhance client interactions and business efficiency.


Boost customer experiences and operational efficiency with tailored IT and cloud solutions.


Streamline order taking and management with efficient IT systems that expedite service and reduce wait times.

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Orange County Managed IT Provider

Ensure Business and IT Alignment

IT managers and business executives don’t always see eye-to-eye. The goals of one may not match the other. This disagreement can lead to IT solutions that don’t support business initiatives.

Let our managed service company help you navigate this issue. California Computer Options offers expert IT consulting and roadmapping services that will help you get everyone on the same page early.

This will help prevet wasted IT spend and make your next project much easier.

Cut Big Projects Down to Size

When you get a big project, you might assume a slight launch delay will be inevitable. You shouldn’t have to. The right planning and resource allocation will prevent project delays, no matter their size.

California Computer Options works with professional project managers so we can help our clients meet deadlines with ease.

We’ll help you:

  • Roadmap your project
  • Communicate with stakeholder
  • Deal with speed bumps
  • Stay on track
Managed IT Services in Orange County

Every IT Problem Has An IT Answer

It just might not be obvious at first.
Let trusted IT services provider in Orange County
help you find the one you need.
managed IT services

Get Fast Resolutions, Not Just Fast Responses

Most IT companies brag about their fast response times. We do the same, but we also have fast resolution times.

As much as you don’t want to wait, your time is still wasted if it takes a long time to solve your problem.

So, California Computer Options has specific strategies in place to ensure that your issues are addressed and solved as quickly as they possibly can be.


Keep Up With Evolving Tech Without Sinking Resources

Keeping your employee-facing software up to date often costs thousands of dollars and hours of work. However, that doesn’t mean you can skip it. Staying up-to-date is a crucial part of maintaining cybersecurity and staying competitive.

California Computer Options can help you stay updated without the time, money, and resource sink you would put in on your own.

Our team will take an active role in ensuring everything stays up to speed and all you need to do is pay our predictable subscription fee.

Managed IT Company in Orange County

FAQ About Our Orange County IT Services

Many businesses combine an internal IT department with a managed services provider. This strategy has a lot of benefits. Leveraging the power of both lets you:

  • Gain fresh insights you may not have had before
  • Prevent employee burnout
  • Launch more new projects
  • Let your team spend more time on driving your business forward, instead of daily maintenance

Managed services are significantly more affordable than hiring additional in-house staff. A managed IT partner will charge a predictable subscription fee that’s easy to work into your regular IT budget.

This fee is generally much cheaper than the average salary of an IT professional. There is also no need to pay out benefits or paid holidays.

California Computer Options has a through onboarding process. Although it’s only 30-days, we have a comprehensive strategy to help us recognize exactly what you need before we get started.

We will use our findings from our onboarding process to inform everything that we do for you. This ensures that every service and solution is tailor fit to your specific business.

We want every client to get exactly the services they need without having to pay for what they don’t use. For this reason, cost varies between contracts.

Your price may be dependent on:

  • Your company size
  • Number of computer users
  • The complexity of your IT network
  • What we need to do to help you

Request a quote for an exact estimate.

We’re confident that you’ll be happy with every service we provide. However, we want to hold ourselves accountable too.

If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with our service, please tell us. We are open to feedback and work hard to incorporate everything that our clients tell us.

Your Service Level Agreement (SLA) will explicitly highlight exactly what you should expect from us.