MSP Client Onboarding Process

We front-load our effort with a thorough initial onboarding process. This allows us to see problems coming and prevent them. For the things we can’t foresee, we will have the information and set up to react quickly.

MSP Client Onboarding Process

Our typical managed partner receives an average of 50 to 80 business hours manually onboarding our new clients.

California Computer Options prefers a customer-first, streamlined approach that expedites your new client onboarding process. Our MSP onboarding checklist ensures you know where you are in our managed services onboarding process. This tool enables us to find the IT solutions that will suit your business goals, objectives, and operations by breaking onboarding into three navigable phases:

Fit Assessment

We'll meet with your leadership to discuss weather our services are what you need.

Risk Analysis

We'll score your environment against our nine-point baseline & propose a roadmap for alignment.


We'll sign on the dotted line & introduce your dedicated technician to your team.


We'll onboardyour team using processes that we've refined over more than a decade.

Support Services

We'll deploy our computer security and management software on your network, and start taking support requests!

Qore Business Reviews

We'll convene the first of your QBRs to streamline your operations and discuss alignment with our latest best practices.





During the welcome process, we’ll send you an email and information packet, set up the first-meet appointment and establish main points of contact. This step will enable you to reach out with questions or input, so you are actively involved in each stage of the new client onboarding process.

We’ll provide a more detailed outline and description of our services at our first meeting. We’ll also introduce you to our team and review your company’s goals, objectives and working expectations. During this stage, we gather information about your company, industry, and current IT solutions, helping us customize the experience to your needs and expectations. We’ll also assign team members to your account.

Group Consulting
Client onboarding strategy process


After our initial conversations about your business’s goals and expectations, we’ll do a deeper dive in the assessment phase using a company questionnaire or survey. It’ll ask in-depth questions about your company and current processes so we can conceptualize a deployment plan.

We’ll ask for business information like:

  1. Company name
  2. Hours of operation
  3. Main points of contact
  4. Total number of employees
  5. Service tier selection/services required
  6. Current IT obstacles/challenges
Other questions will apply to your work environment and systems, such as:
  1. Types of technology currently in use
  2. Domain names and IP addresses
  3. Current operations/work processes
  4. Client management systems
  5. Data storage
  6. Account credentials
  7. Contracts
  8. Other details like equipment warranties, ISP accounts, etc.

Once we’ve gathered all the necessary criteria, we’ll do a separate deep dive into your company’s bigpicture goals to help us vet and select the best innovative technology solutions for your company. These questions include:

  1. What are your company’s business or IT-related goals for the next six months or year?
  2. What security risks or IT problems have you encountered in the past?
  3. What is your biggest IT-related concern?

Once we’ve gathered these details, we create a custom roadmap for your business. The team members assigned to your account consider everything we learned during the assessment phase to set up a timeline for deliverables and implement specific plans going forward.


After reviewing and agreeing upon the proposed plan, we will draft a service-level agreement (SLA). The SLA encompasses an outline of the agreed-upon services, including deployment time frames. During the set-up phase, we will deploy the proposed plan and set up your IT help desk. We’ll conduct a company-wide training, so your employees are on the same page. Going forward, we complete regular reviews and performance reports.

Make MSP New Client Onboarding Seamless with California Computer Options

At CCO, we are dedicated to making your onboarding process as seamless as possible. We foster an open, trusted line of communication so you can focus on your business, knowing your premier-level IT solutions are custom, efficient, and effective. Contact us today to learn more!