Office Equipment And Managed Print Services

Office equipment and managed print services

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Technology is constantly evolving and changing, sometimes faster than you could ever guess. These new tools can make businesses more productive, secure, and agile. However, these tools need the right network to support them. Structured cabling is an infrastructure that’s made up of smaller, standardized elements. You can install structured cabling systems in a building or across a campus. It’s this kind of network cabling that can support all the rapidly advancing technology coming to the workplace.

Putting MPS to Work, For You

A common misconception is that the effort and cost required to implement a Managed Print Services program will outweigh the benefits. In reality, organizations across the globe have been able to reduce their print costs an average of 20% to 30% percent by adopting a series of simple changes with Managed Print Services.

Regardless of the type of business you own, information is processed on a daily basis. Each document that is created or received is eventually routed, stored, edited and retrieved; and at each point along the way resources are expended. Inefficient processes and unmanaged print environments will benefit greatly from a number of print management initiatives, helping to reduce costs and waste, enhance productivity and give your employees the tools they need to positively impact your business and the customer experience.

An MPS provider will partner with you to learn and understand the key aspects of your business including your device fleet, business processes, and print usage and will develop a series of strategic solutions with this knowledge gained.

Saving with MPS

Most of the cost savings associated with MPS are clear: streamlining your printer fleet and reducing the usage of paper and other consumables to positively impact finances. There are, however, a number of other monetary benefits many businesses are unaware of.

Do you know the true cost of printing in your organization? If you answered no, you’re not alone. Expenses are often widespread between various departments and among a number of different vendors while others, such as technical support, are omitted altogether. Considering that printing costs the average company between three and six percent of their annual revenues, determining the true cost is the first step towards saving. An MPS provider will conduct a thorough print assessment to uncover hidden costs as part of a cost-saving strategy.

Additional Benefits of MPS

After the initial print assessment, an MPS provider will work with you to right-size your print fleet providing you the necessary tools to monitor usage and activity and maximize productivity. Improving document workflow, streamlining and automating work processes, and implementing print rules can produce further savings using information obtained through the capture of information from the initial print assessment.

MPS is an effective solution to a costly problem. With the right partner, you can regain control over your print environment, reduce spending, increase productivity and improve workflows, adding value to your company and helping to increase your bottom line.

How Managed Print Services Can Save You Money

The typical office spends thousands of dollars each year on printing, copying, faxing and filing documents. Are your resources being used efficiently? A print assessment by Computer Options’ Managed Print Services department can help you identify areas of improvement that could result in sizable monetary savings.

Managed Print Services Specialist has a knack for understanding client needs and suggesting the best way to manage a company’s document imagine device costs and maintenance. Attain a better perspective of their printing needs—and saved them money in the process. Here is how!

Printer and Copier Assessment

When we visit a client’s office for the first time, our initial goal is to monitor their current printing environment, processes, and workflow. To provide the best possible solution, we work to understand how the client is managing print services on their own. Our initial assessment includes a physical inventory of equipment, how staff uses the equipment and typical workflow patterns.

The next step involves analysis to provide business owners with a complete overview of the total cost of ownership, as well as costly or inefficient processes. Identifying total print expenditures can be a real eye-opener for many clients. In fact, we found that one of our clients was spending $21,000 a year on unutilized service for prints and copies they never ever made! Our final solution saved this client over $130,000 over a 72-month period!

Workflow Management

The next step in the process is to visualize alternative workflow patterns by first looking at current equipment locations and usage. Is there a way to reduce the number of older printers and copiers and consolidate those functions into one piece of equipment that can do it all? It is also important to ensure.

Managed Print Services Saves Your Business Time & Money

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and time-saving technique to manage all aspects of your business printing, Managed Print Services (MPS) program offers you a complete solution.

Smarter Managed Workplace

Spending on print

Managed Print Services

Image a work environment where employees work more efficiently, the organization has a higher productivity and where the cost are dynamically lowered. Managed Print Services keeps things running smoothly so you can concentrate on your business.

Regain control of the largest undocumented corporate expense in your company!

The Complete MPS Solution

Workflow Assessments

We’ll help you find waste, no matter where it’s hiding. Our data driven assessment process identifies where you can save money throughout your entire infrastructure.

Site Assessment

Our team will conduct an onsite walk-through of your offices and compile a complete inventory of your document equipment to see where we can improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Print Less

A Printing Company That Encourages You To Print Less? That’s Right, Cco Has A Variety Of Applications, Machine Configurations And Consultative Practices To Help You Reduce
How Much You Print.

Site Assessment

With our Secure MFP Vulnerability Assessment, we can help you protect your company’s intellectual property. We will identify points of vulnerability for equipment access, devices, documents and even end of device life protocols as well as practical steps to remediate them.

Multi-Vendor Support


California Computer Options, takes a brand-agnostic approach to managing your entire print fleet. We service and support all devices as well as 3rd party printers to ensure your entire fleet is running at the speed of your business.

We provide:

SMART Workplace Services transcends the traditional Managed Print Services model by using some of the most advance monitoring systems, such as FM Audit™, Centrepointe™ and Paperclip™ world-class portfolio of analytics, cloud, digitization technologies to design a more efficient work environments.

Our MPS program can help your business optimize printing devices such as printers, scanners, faxes, and copiers, to increase productivity. Overall, it saves time, increases efficiency, produces less paper waste, and can be streamlined to meet the specific needs of your business.

Collect actionable data

Make smart decisions with the right data

Our reporting gives you insights into your printer fleet and utilization at the user, department and group levels to help simplify how you control print costs. Stop deploying under-used printers and save on color printing that may be unnecessary or non-compliant with your printing policies.
Managed Printer Services

Simplify maintenance and reduce downtime
Take a proactive approach

How much can you save in terms of wasted labor to diagnose printer maintenance issues and order supplies? Our fleet management service helps to streamline your maintenance processes and cut wasteful spending in the following ways:

We provide:

Document Print Administrators can also help to ensure 24/7 uptime via remote management and access to real-time analytics about devices across multiple locations and geographies.

Enforce tighter information security protect your document workflows with advanced security features

The free flow of information, when and where it’s needed in your organization, is a vital competitive edge. However, you must also protect your private information and comply with privacy standards such as HIPAA, FERPA and SOX. Our fleet management service allows admins to help ensure that proprietary documents are not leaked or viewed by unauthorized users when those documents reside on the hard drives of printers in your fleet.

Kyocera® Fleet Services

Minimize downtime, Maximize… everything.

KFS is a cloud-based device monitoring system that is based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. With this solution delivery method, there is no software or network infrastructure investment required. Instead, secure cloud services provide the tools for KFS service providers to centrally control devices, everything from device installation and configuration to reporting and troubleshooting. KFS’ powerful suite of utilities enables proactive management of Kyocera and non-Kyocera devices alike, from any computer or smartphone with web browser capabilities. Designed with sophisticated security protocols and policies in place, KFS communication pathways are fully protected.

If this sounds great to you and you want to know how your business can benefit from efficient print services to achieve its overall objectives, you can contact us for detailed professional advice here. Meanwhile, here are 7 ways your business can benefit from the MPS solutions.

1. It Helps to Analyze Your Print Fleet

Managed Print Services program provides analysis of all your printing needs. The analysis provides detailed information you may need to effectively manage your printer fleet, optimize the functions of your devices and replace outdated ones. This analysis will help you make necessary adjustments that will increase your productivity.

2. It Helps Reduce the Need for Local Printers

Managed print services give room for efficiency by saving you time. It also promotes productivity by serving a network of users. Engaging managed print services providers for your print fleet will definitely reduce the need for local printers. This is because local printers are rarely efficient since they often serve single users leaving little or no room for networks. Also, most conventional printers require unique cartridges that are expensive.

3. It Allows for Easy Accessibility

Managed print services program allows for easy accessibility for different categories of users who want to meet their printing needs. This helps to maximize equipment usage and consequently, improve workflow since users don’t have to move from one end to another before they can get jobs done.

4. It Allows for Automated Supply Delivery

By engaging a managed print service provider who monitors your printing devices, you will be able to eliminate equipment downtime. This is because the program allows for the automated supply of toner when the machine runs low on it. So, instead of wasting productive time ordering and installing toner cartridges, managed print service providers help you to automate the process.

5. It enables Remote Printing

Managed print services provide remote and mobile printing solutions. So, businesses don’t have to wait for employees to be on the ground before they can print documents coming from off-site locations. With managed print services, your business can access important paperwork remotely.

6. It Works to Improved Security

Managed Print Services program provides a high level of security through the encryption of device data that ensure people are permitted to have access only to the information they needed. This helps to prevent situations where the company’s vital information may fall into wrong hands.

7. It Reduces Environmental Impact

Managed print service program supports reforestation. There are MPS solution providers that calculate your paper consumption so as to determine the impact of your business’ activities on the environment. Basically, the MPS program helps to reduce paper usage, paper waste, and electricity consumption.


The bottom line is that adopting the managed print service solutions has great potentials for your business growth. This will definitely increase your return on investment (ROI) as you continue to tailor the program towards achieving your business needs to increase efficiency and productivity.

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