How to Prevent Falling Victim to Social Engineering


In cybercrime, as in real life, the most dangerous attacks are the ones you don’t expect. That can unfortunately be the case with social engineering. This very sneaky type of cyberattack is when the attacker devises a “social interaction” that uses deceptive tactics to manipulate people or organizations into divulging confidential or personal information that […]

The Cost of On-Site vs Cloud Computing – Which One is Right for You?


The benefits of cloud computing are many, and if you haven’t already, you’ve probably considered moving your business to the Cloud. In many cases, it is more secure, offers more flexibility, and the ability to scale as needed more quickly and efficiently. And many companies move to the Cloud because of cost savings. The question […]

The Key to Great IT Support? The People


At California Computer Options, our people are the backbone of our business, and choosing the right people to become part of our IT Support team is something we take very seriously. Our experienced IT team members come from a variety of backgrounds including corporate IT, SMBs, and Managed Services Providers, all to bring our customers […]

Protecting Your Organization from Today’s Most Common IT Problems

most common it problems

Technology is a critical component of business operations, from the largest corporations to the smallest owner-operator businesses. No business can afford to have IT problems that affect productivity, and for many organizations, their success is tightly bound to the technology they use. Choosing the wrong systems for the business or taking shortcuts to save on […]