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The Key to Great IT Support? The People

The Key to Great IT Support? The People


At California Computer Options, our people are the backbone of our business, and choosing the right people to become part of our IT Support team is something we take very seriously. Our experienced IT team members come from a variety of backgrounds including corporate IT, SMBs, and Managed Services Providers, all to bring our customers a collective 200 years of dependable experience. We look for those who fit our company culture, and we train them to offer the very best technical services to our customers.

IT services can be complex and frequently challenging, and the IT consultants who provide those essential services usually operate behind the scenes to solve their customers’ IT problems. They are the ones who quietly and confidently make your technology work as expected. However, one IT person simply cannot know everything. CCO deals with that by bringing you a team that together delivers the best in every area from the helpdesk to cybersecurity. We would like to take a moment to recognize our IT consultants and explain what goes into the work they do in creating and maintaining multiple IT systems.

They are Service Minded

Understanding the mindset of the person who becomes an IT consultant provides insight into what makes them successful. They are service minded, which is one reason they are drawn to becoming an IT consultant. They appreciate the technology that runs smoothly and wants to contribute to their customer’s success by providing the right support in managing their technical services. In short, they want to be helpful.

They are Problem Solvers

IT consultants are problem solvers at heart. They like rising to the challenge to figure out the puzzle of what’s going wrong. As children, they probably took their toys apart and reassembled them to make them work again (even if they had a few stubborn pieces left over). As adults, they have remained curious and want to put those pieces back together to create and maintain systems that work at the highest level of efficiency and productivity. In other words, they still enjoy solving the puzzle.

They are Willing to Learn

It’s probably an understatement to say the best IT consultants are willing to learn. They are passionate about learning, whether it’s new systems or new ways of doing something better. They seek out the latest trends and are constantly looking for more information on how to offer better systems to their customers.  

What We Do to Exceed Customer Expectations

At CCO, our IT consultants use those innate talents, combined with thorough training, to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our customers expect us to find the answers to their IT needs, and rightfully so. Their IT consultant may not know all the answers, but through collaboration with their knowledgeable and experienced coworkers, they will find them. And they are passionate about living up to their customers’ expectations. It is what makes them an accomplished IT support team. They use the traits discussed earlier, including curiosity, a love for knowledge, and those all-important problem-solving skills to ensure customer satisfaction.


As noted above, teamwork is a major contributor to our IT consultants’ success. They know that there is always a team of people with divergent areas of expertise and various backgrounds on the CCO team to support them in their work. No one person has all the answers, but with a team of experts working together, the solution is attainable. For our customers, that solution means IT support that is timely and effective.

Communication is Key

It is imperative that today’s IT experts effectively communicate with business owners and their employees. Gone are the days of expecting the IT person to use techno-speak that only other IT people can get. IT consultants must be able to translate their high-tech lingo into everyday language that business professionals can understand and act on. That might not always be easy, but it is critical to the relationship, and at CCO it is a requirement. Along with being good communicators, our IT consultants are also trained to be proactive, not reactive in their problem-solving. Anticipating issues and communicating the steps they are taking to prevent future problems is what makes us true partners with our customers in creating and maintaining a dependable IT structure.

What Makes Us Unique

At CCO, our hiring process involves looking at each candidate’s technical and non-technical skills to find the right fit for the job. We are not only looking for exceptional technical expertise. We are looking for a team player who knows how and when to ask questions and work collaboratively with coworkers, and someone who is willing to share their expertise with the team.

Finding the right person:

Simply put, the right candidate needs to be able to do the work. Resumes are designed to highlight the person’s skills, but we like to dig a little deeper to find out not only what they know, but how they would apply their knowledge in real-time, and what makes them tick.

Beyond their technical knowledge, we look for personal skills that align with our values, passion, integrity, unity, innovation, and impact. Technical skills we can teach, but the personal skills, or power skills in our view, are what makes our IT consultants unique and effective in providing our customers the best IT support.

Training for Success

Once CCO has found the right person for the job, we provide extensive training to ensure their success. Technical and power skills are highlighted along the way to empower each new consultant to do their best. Communication and collaboration are key to their success, as much as knowing the technical aspects of the job. Training begins by focusing on the latest technology, including Windows 365, firewalls, servers, and Wi-Fi. Ongoing training is another key to our IT consultants’ success, with weekly and monthly technical training sessions. These training opportunities are fun and creative, covering everything from personality types to love languages. The goal is to build community in our workplace. We want our IT experts to be comfortable with each other, to grow together, and to trust and respect each other. In other words, we invest in our IT consultants, because we value them. We know that the right people with the right training and work environment will support your business and your technology needs.

For more information on putting our IT experts to work for you, visit us at California Computer Options.


The Key to Great IT Support? The People

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