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The Importance of Network Security

Why is Network Security Important to Small Businesses?

As businesses must increase their reliance on data driven technology, business owners are faced with the question, “Why is network security important?”  Well, in an era where a cyber attack occurs every 39 seconds, understanding the importance of reliable network security is not only a good idea for business owners, it’s absolutely critical. Digital experts agree.

According to Karen Novotny, the CEO of a leading network security firm, “In the digital age, cyber threats have become the silent predator of our data, making the importance of network security more paramount than ever. The importance of network security is akin to the need for a strong, dependable lock on a shop’s front door.”

Those who don’t take network security seriously, can quickly find themselves the victim of a costly, damaging cyber attack. In 2022, the average cost of data breach in the US was $9.44million

It’s easy to see why the subject of good network security can be daunting for all businesses. However, for small business owners, it can seem down right unmanageable. This blog is here to guide you, through the crucial role of network security in your small business.


The Unseen Threat: Cybercrime and Small Businesses

The 21st century is chock-full of unique issues and challenges, one of which is cybercrime. So, how can business owners evade cyber criminals? The answer is simple. To protect your hard-earned business from cyber threats, you need robust, reliable, and proactive network security measures by your side.

Afterall, cybercriminals are becoming smarter and more aggressive, and small businesses are increasingly becoming their targets due to their often lower web security measures.

Consider the following small business cybersecurity statistics:

  • 46% of all cyber breaches impact businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees.
  • 55% of people in the U.S. would be less likely to continue doing business with companies that are breached.
  • Employees of small businesses experience 350% more social engineering attacks than those at larger enterprises.


Guarding Your Business Treasure: The Importance of Network Security

The importance of network security extends far beyond just keeping your business data safe. It’s the shield that guards your business’s operations, supports customer trust, and ensures you’re in complete compliance with data protection laws.

So, why do small business owners need network security? Here are a few reasons:

  • Prevent Unauthorized Access: Network security protects your business from cyber intrusions, preventing hackers from accessing or tampering with vital business data.
  • Ensure Operational Continuity: A cyber-attack can disrupt your business operations, negatively impacting productivity and revenue. Network security measures help ensure that your business stays up and running.
  • Protect Customer Trust: A data breach can shatter your customers’ trust in your business. Network security safeguards customer data, which is key to maintaining their trust.
  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations: As data protection laws become more stringent, businesses must ensure they comply to avoid severe penalties. Network security measures help you stay in line with these laws such as SOC, HIPAA, and other industry critical protocols required as key safety measures for network and data security.


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Taking Control: Actionable Steps to Enhance Network Security

You have the power to protect your business. Below are some practical steps you can take to bolster your network security.


Use Strong Password Policies

Enforce the use of strong, unique passwords as well as multi-factor authentication requirements. It’s a simple yet effective first line of defense.


Regular System Updates

Keep your systems updated. Updates often involve shoring up network vulnerabilities that have been exploited elsewhere. This step helps to safeguard against threat actors who can quickly tamper with unresolved weaknesses.


Educate Employees

Regularly train your employees on best practices and threat recognition. This should include safe password practices, how to spot social engineering attacks and more. Your team is the first line of defense in your cybersecurity – internal cybersecurity training is equally important as other health and safety education.


Data Backups

Regular data backups can help your business recover quickly in the event of a breach or system failure. Managed cybersecurity services can automate and monitor these processes on your behalf.


Use Antivirus and Firewall Software

These tools can identify and block threats before they infiltrate your network and corrupt sensitive data.


Outsource Network Security

Outsource network security to experts who know the challenges small businesses face when trying to protect and strengthen their network security.



When Expertise Counts: The Role of Cybersecurity Professionals

Why network security is important to your small business is clear—it’s about protection, trust, and compliance. You don’t have to tackle network security alone. Cybersecurity professionals can help you navigate this landscape, offering expertise to design secure networks, detect threats, and implement effective countermeasures.


Benefits of Outsourcing Network Security to Managed Providers

Feature Benefit
Security Expertise Security professionals are trained to handle diverse and complex threats, providing a level of expertise that can be hard to achieve in-house.
Round-the-Clock Monitoring Outsourced professionals can provide 24/7 network monitoring, offering immediate response to potential threats.
Cost-Effective Outsourcing can provide an entire team of security professionals for the cost of a single in-house team member.
Updated Security Measures Security companies are up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity threats and solutions, ensuring your business benefits from the most current protection strategies.
Compliance They can help ensure your business stays in compliance with changing data protection laws and industry regulations.
Boost Productivity By outsourcing network security, you can focus on your core business functions, knowing that your network is in expert hands.


Is Your Network Security Up to the Mark? A 10-Point Checklist


1. Are your systems crashing frequently?

Frequent crashes may indicate potential security threats in your network.


2. Are you noticing unexpected system behavior?

Unexpected pop-ups, sudden slowdowns, or programs running on their own could suggest malware infiltration.


3. Have you spotted unauthorized logins?

Unauthorized logins, especially to admin accounts, are a clear warning sign of possible security breaches.


4. Are spam emails being sent from company accounts?

If your customers or employees are receiving spam emails from your company accounts, your email security measures may need work.


5. Are your files acting strangely?

Changes in file sizes, names, or missing files may suggest an active threat in your network.


6. Has your security software been disabled unexpectedly?

If your antivirus or firewall software gets disabled unexpectedly, it could be the work of malware.


7. Are you experiencing network performance issues?

Sudden or consistent slowdowns in your network could suggest a cyberattack or a breach in progress.


8. Do your employees have poor internal security knowledge?

If your team isn’t well-versed in basic security practices like recognizing phishing attempts or using strong passwords, your network security could be at risk.


9. Are you using outdated network infrastructure?

Old hardware or software are prime targets for cybercriminals. If your network infrastructure is outdated, it’s time for an update.


10. Did you recently migrate to the cloud without updating security measures?

If you’ve recently moved to the cloud without upgrading your network security measures to match, you’ve potentially opened up new vulnerabilities.



Fortify Your Small Business Today. Talk to Experts at CCO.

Network security is not a luxury but a necessity for small businesses. By understanding why network security is important, you can take the necessary steps to protect your business. Remember, you don’t have to navigate the complex world of network security alone.

At CCO, our team of cybersecurity experts is here to help. With our comprehensive network security services tailored to your small business needs, we can provide the expertise and network support you require to safeguard against cyber threats.

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